DIY Barn Door Headboard


In the middle of last year, I searched all over the web and stores trying to find the perfect headboard with a “farmhouse feel” to it. After only finding headboards for $300 plus, I decided to make my own headboard exactly the way I wanted it and at a way better price. All together I only spent about $180 or so, which is way better than $500 for a similar one. I have to start off by saying I could never have made this headboard if it wasn’t for my amazing boyfriend. He did all the cutting and measuring and I did the sanding and painting.


Let me say, I’m sorry if my directions are confusing in anyway.

We first went shopping and got seven pieces of thin wood pallets. You can buy them already cut from Home Depot or Lowe’s. We then cut six of the pieces down to 60″ to fit our queen size bed. We then screwed in two vertical pieces of wood to either side of the base. We then measured and screwed in the wood that forms a “X,” in order to make it look like a real barn door. We then sanded down the headboard and painted it white. To give the headboard an older look, we sanded down parts of the wood to make it distressed looking.



After all that was done, we screwed in the hinges to make it look like a barn door. Last, we very carefully drilled two small holes to fit the wires through for the lights. We then screwed in the two lights (from Home Depot) and did the wiring for the lights. And then TA-Duh!!! I had my headboard of my dreams. And yes, I promise the lights actually work once plugged in an outlet.



3 thoughts on “DIY Barn Door Headboard

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