Meet My Boyfriend

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All photos by Aubree May. To follow her Facebook page, click here!

My outfit details:

Shirt: boohoo

Pants: New York & Company

Shoes: Forever 21 (sold out-similar here)

His outfit detail:

Everything is from Active Ride Shop.

I know I always briefly talk about my boyfriend in my blog posts but I’ve never really introduced him completely, so I wanted to do that in this post all about him. I wanted everyone to get to know the man behind the camera, who takes all my photos usually, and who is so patient with me. He truly keeps me sane, happy, and he always supports me a hundred percent. I love you Brandon so much!

So yes, my boyfriend’s name is Brandon. Well, his full first name is Brandon Lee, but he likes to just go by Brandon. We’ve been together for almost three and a half years now! So crazy! We met at work like a lot of people do. He was the assistant manager at our restaurant and I was the bad employee flirting with the boss… whoops! When you know, you know though, so I didn’t care because I had never felt this way before about any guy. He just gets me and makes me laugh. There was just something about him that made me feel safe. I had the biggest crush on him! We just dated for a while at first, but then after a couple months there was no stopping us! I’ve had some of the best memories and moments in my life with him by my side. I couldn’t imagine my life any differently.

Brandon is a district manager for a local family business, but his interests are what make him so awesome to me. I remember thinking the first time I saw him skateboarding, “DANG… he’s hot.” I love how much he loves skateboarding. Seeing him so passionate about something was really attractive to me. Now he’s all about DJing. He has the entire set up! He eats, sleeps, and breathes DJing. It’s literally all he can think about when he’s not working. Oh yeah, he works REALLY hard too. Just another reason why I love him so much. He’s always at work, but he enjoys it so it’s all worth it.

Thank you Brandon for always supporting me and being the man you are.

P.S. How amazing are these photos by my cousin Aubree? Thank you so much Aubree for doing this with us!





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