I Searched and I Found…


After seeing these over-the-knee suede boots everywhere, I had to get a pair. The only problem… everywhere I looked they were over $100. I’m a college student, so I needed a pair for a college student price. And you’ll never guess where I found them. Not the mall, not JustFab, and not at Target. I found them here … I’ll give you a couple minutes to look that up and take in the shock. I know, Amazon always surprises me! They really do have everything and for the best prices! As soon as these beauties came in the mail, I put them on. The next day I had to wear them on the little trip to LA today to see my friend’s handsome newborn. I feel like these boots should either be worn with a dress or skirt or with leggings or tight jeans. I decided to wear them first with a dress and sweater over the dress because it was a chilly, windy day.





2 thoughts on “I Searched and I Found…

  1. I love your boots. They look like they have a low heal? Is that right? Perfect for my mommy lifestyle! I put them on my Trendsetter Winter Checklist because I think the are hot for 2016!


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