Sweater Dresses


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Sweater: Target (not online for some reason?) Boots: Target (here) Sunglasses: Ray Bans Purse: Michael Kors

Okay, so if you can’t tell already, I love Target. They have everything you need in one convenient spot. But, this post isn’t about Target, it is about sweater dresses. The one I’m wearing is super soft and comfy and was only roughly $15 because I got it on Black Friday. The perfect sweater dress can be hard to find though. Before I got this dress, I looked at several different stores, including Amazon before I found the right, affordable one. Sweaters in general can be pretty pricey, especially during the fall/winter seasons. Everyone is looking for that perfect, comfy sweater at all the same places, so it is easy for the companies to make them overpriced. Sweaters are also typically more expensive because of the material itself. Sewing thick material and making it good quality is some hard work. Trust me, I could barely manage cotton in a sewing class I took in school. So what should you look for in a sweater dress? Well first you want to see if it is see through or not. Do the see through test. Turn around, go under a bright light, and check if you can see things you don’t want people in public to see. My dress is see through, so that’s why I wore a skirt underneath it. You can wear a slip,skirt,shorts, or even leggings to make the dress appropriate to wear out. Next, you want to make sure the dress fits properly. Too baggy can swallow you up and overwhelm you. A sweater dress is normally worn in winter and to keep your legs warm you’ll want to wear high boots with the dress, so you want to make sure the dress isn’t too long and looks good with all types of shoes. And last, come on you want to be comfy, so make sure the material isn’t itchy or stiff. Now have fun shopping for your perfect sweater dress for fall/winter!

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