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The Fuzzy Sweater: click here // Shirt: similar here // Jeans: click here// Purse: Michael Kors click here // Suede Heeled Booties: similar here

For my first day on winter break, I wanted to get out of the house. I feel like after the stress of finals or whatever else is stressing you out, going out for a nice lunch and drinks is a necessary thing to do. I recently moved, so I’ve really missed being close to the beach and all the great places to eat. The food near the beach is just always better than anywhere else for some reason. The drinks as well if I may add. In result, my boyfriend and I ended up driving to Pacific Beach and ate at Ale House, where I had some crazy, insanely spicy rattlesnakes( I think that’s what they were called?) and a delicious Aztec Burger. My boyfriend got the Bison Burger, which was great as well. It was so nice just relaxing and drinking a sangria with the waves crashing behind me as I ate. It was a much needed day. But, that’s not really what this post is about. This post is about that amazing,comfy, and cozy sweater. It is seriously so soft, I feel like I’m constantly wrapped in a blanket. I would lounge around the house all day in that sweater if I could. And to make matters even better, it looks good with pretty much everything. It’s just casual enough to wear during the day, but also could be dressed up to work with a nice dress at night. It’s so versatile. That’s why I love it. Did I mention it keeps you super warm too?

What’s your recent favorite sweater?

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