Decorating Your Home: The Bedroom

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Today I’m talking about decorating your room. I love the idea of a relaxing, warm, and staycation feeling room. Your room is your getaway, so it should feel that way too. The number one step to making your room feel like a relaxing staycation: an all white bed. I love having a white comforter, sheets, and headboard because it makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a fluffy cloud. Adding fluffy throw pillows to the white cloud of a bed makes it even better. I chose grey for my wall color because all my furniture is white and black, so the grey gives it a good contrast. I also love that rustic feel, so adding wood accents like my mirror and trays makes the room feel at least a little more manly for my man…. can’t make it too girly or he’d never stay the night with me. I love my little desk area, but I can’t wait to have a bigger home with its own office instead of being in my room one day. For the floors, we chose a dark vinyl because vinyl is waterproof, which is great for when you have a dog or have your bathroom attached to your bedroom. I have a lot of furniture, so I didn’t want to overwhelm the space with a ton of little knick-knacks. Instead I focused on the walls. Adding curtains makes my room feel cozier and taller. I like to cover all walls and I leave no wall behind when it comes to wall decor. I get most of my wall decor from Homegoods, Target, and antique shops. Like my headboard? See how I made it myselfย here!

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