An Outfit for When It’s Kinda Hot and Kinda Cold

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Dress: Brandy Melville

Sweater: Styles for Less

Skinny Scarf: Target (sold out)

Shoes: Nike

Lately the weather can’t make up its mind. One moment it’s raining and freezing and the next I’m getting sunburnt. This can make getting ready pretty annoying and difficult. My solution is a dress with a sweater and skinny scarf. The sweater and scarf keep me warm enough through the cold and then when it gets hot I can easily take the sweater off. Problem solved. Plus, I think the layering is cute.

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in awhile. My schedule has been crazy and opposite of everyone’s lately.

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11 thoughts on “An Outfit for When It’s Kinda Hot and Kinda Cold

  1. Love this! It has been the same here in Pittsburgh! In the morning it can be close to 35degrees, then by noon its 80!? How am I supposed to work with that?!?!?! Love the layering in your outfit, and sneakers are my go-to lately!



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