A Little 90’s Vibe


Processed with Rookie



Top: Boohoo

Shorts: Forever 21

Choker: Forever 21 (sold out)

Boots: MI.IM (sold out)

Every time I order clothes online and then go out to shoot the look, all the items are somehow sold out? I think I just have the worst luck with that/good timing. I always want items that I can link for you guys so that you can get the exact items, but by the time I write my posts they’re all gone somehow? Anyways, I’m a 90’s kid and I love that the 90’s are slowly coming back in style. I was laughing so hard the other day because I was watching the last season of Friends and Rachel was pretty much wearing my exact outfit. I love all of Rachel’s clothes in the last season of Friends. It’s all coming back in style. This outfit is a little 90’s grudge, but I love it!

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