Styling an Overall Dress



Overall Dress: Wild Blue Denim

Top: Wild Blue Denim

Bag: Forever 21

Mules: Forever 21 (hurry they’re on sale)!

With the warmer weather now here to stay, it’s time to tan the legs and wear nothing but shorts, skirts and dresses! Switch out those winter staple pieces for summer pieces! I think a pair of overalls, whether they’re shorts or a dress, are a summer staple piece this year for sure. We’ve already seen the overall come back in winter and it’s only going to continue in spring/summer. I like styling my overall dresses with off-the-shoulder tops. Whether the top is loose or fitted, I like the dimension an off-the-shoulder top gives to a pair of overalls. This fitted off-the-shoulder top with the bell sleeves from Wild Blue Denim is another staple piece this year. Are you tired of seeing all the bell sleeve tops yet? Because I’m not!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Thanks for reading,

Kortney 🙂

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