How to Get Out of a Rut


Whether you’re in a creative rut, an emotional rut or just a plain ol’ life in general rut, they suck. I know all too well. Too many times I’ve been stuck in a nasty rut. Sometimes it’s the simple things that get me out of a rut and sometimes I need a little something more to get me out of one. From my own experience with being stuck in a rut, I’m here to help you learn how to get out of a rut.

Family and Friends

Spending time with family and friends always gets me out of a rut. Quality conversations with the people that care about you the most is all you need sometimes. I always feel better after having an in-depth conversation about life and inspiration with my family and/or friends. I was recently feeling weird about somethings in my life and my future, but as soon as I talked it through with my family and friends, I instantly felt better. You can pull the best advice and inspiration from family and friends. It’s the best way to get out of a rut in my eyes.

Online Inspiration

Sometimes when I’m in a creative rut, I’ll turn to the Internet for advice and inspiration. I love Pinterest and Instagram for inspirational purposes. When I’m in a style rut, I especially turn to the web. Looking through boards and feeds that match who I am and what I want for myself in life, always gets me motivated and out of a rut. Feeling motivated to do more and change up something in your life from your usual self or routine is a great way to get out of that weird funk you’re in.

Eliminating and Changing 

For me, getting out of a rut could mean getting something out of my life. Keeping negative people or jobs in your life could be the thing keeping you in a rut and preventing you from getting out of one. Whether that means quitting your job and getting a new one or breaking up a relationship that just isn’t working, it must be done to get back into a positive space. It’s going to be hard because change is hard. Always. But, it will most likely lead to a happier you. I’ve separated myself from a lot of “friends,” started many new jobs, moved to different cities, and broke up with my ex to get out of a rut and move forward in life. Sometimes you may be in a rut because you feel stuck in life. Change your major, go to school, hang out at different places, move to a new city, start dating and be happy with the change coming to your life. Change always gets me out of a rut. I recently died my hair darker after almost 5 years of having it mostly blonde just so I could have some change in my life. It has totally started a whole new inspirational side to me now.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own type of rut they’re in, but most of the time one of these things will help get you out of one. Oh, and there is always buying a pet to get you out of a rut too of course! I hope this helped you in some way or another.

Thanks for reading,



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