My Home


The Christmas decorations are up! I love pretty Christmas decorations, but don’t get me wrong I love the cute decorations too. I just like to decorate my house with the pretty stuff though. I love keeping that rusty, chic look, even through Christmas decorations. Christmas is the only holiday I decorate for because it is definitely my favorite holiday.


I love everything about this headboard, but I mostly love the fact that I built it. I got a headboard exactly the way I wanted it because I put in a little work. Trust me, it is worth it in the end. Better than paying $500 for one very similar. This one was only $180 or so.

I’m recently obsessed with interior design and DIY. I’ve moved into a new condo with my boyfriend and sister and had so much fun decorating the place. I spend the majority of my extra money on decor. I thought because interior design is my whole life now and my condo is finally done, that I would share with you all: my new home. I mostly find myself shopping at:

TJ MaxxHomegoods, and Hobby Lobby

living room

The Living Room

coffee table

I love this coffee table. I repainted and stained it. Trust me, it was ugly before!


This mantle took me a couple tries to finally get right.


My Room


After adding some curtains, my room feels way more cozy!


My renovated bathroom. This was a disaster room before too.

I will continue to update my home and its changes, don’t worry 😉

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