Lazy Girl Guide: Easy Tips to Keeping Your Room Clean and Organized

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Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a great, safe night celebrating the new year. I have so many things planned for this upcoming year with my blog. I’m really going to try to post more, especially my outfits. I’m going to include more lifestyle posts like this one as well. I also plan on showing everyone more of my home and doing tips on how to get your home the way you want it and making it look perfect and a reflection of you. I want to do more “How To” posts for you all and make this blog not only beneficial for me, but for all my readers and followers as well. I really want to make this blog like a part-time job. I plan on putting my fullest effort into this blog this year and making it more than just a fun hobby. I want to make this a job. Therefore, I’m going to try my hardest to make this blog the best it can be.

So, without wasting anymore time, lets get to today’s post. What better way to start a new year, than to get organized and clean?  Keeping your room clean and organized can actually be really easy if you follow these simple steps. I hate clutter and my room looking like a mess. This is mainly because I HATE spiders, so I do everything in my power to avoid them and prevent them from coming into my life. Keeping my room always clean and organized keeps spiders out because they aren’t encouraged or welcomed in when my room is clean and they have nowhere to hide. It’s also nice to have a clean looking room when friends or family come over by surprise too because it leaves them super impressed with you and makes you seem like you’ve got your life together. Sooo… without further or do, I give to you this Lazy Girls Guide: Easy Tips to Keeping Your Room Clean and Organized:

  1. This is number 1 because it’s honestly the most important and effective tip I can give to you for keeping your room clean. When getting dressed in the morning, put the clothes you don’t want to wear back in your closet or dresser! It seems like common sense, but how many girls just throw the clothes they don’t want to wear on the ground or on their bed. It’s easy just to toss the clothes aside when you’re not feeling them that day, but the clothes begin to pile and build up over the week and then when it comes to cleaning your room, it takes such a long time to hang them all back up. Why take an hour or so once a week hanging up a huge pile of clothes that make your room look messy, when you can take literally 2 seconds to hang it back up when you’re getting ready? When getting ready, I like to keep everything in my closet, by this I mean I choose my outfit by just looking, not pulling everything out. If I try on something and don’t like the way it looks, I simply just hang that piece back up right away instead of throwing it on the bed or ground. I promise you, by just hanging up or putting back the clothes you don’t want to wear right away after trying it on, it makes your life so much easier and cleaner. It also makes you feel WAY more organized when you know all your clothes are in your closet and you know where everything is, instead of searching your entire room trying to find that shirt you threw under your bed last week. Just do it, it’s so easy to hang it back up RIGHT AWAY! I also put my laundry basket in my closet, so when I’m changing I can easily just throw my dirty laundry in the basket that’s right there. No excuses!!
  2. I love pillows! Pillows rock my word, but at night when you’re trying to sleep you don’t want to be suffocated by all your pillows. Like me, I use to just throw them on the ground, chair, or desk at night and then they would just sit there for weeks and it would make my room look so messy. Easy fix though: buy a big, cute basket to put your throw pillows in at night because now they look like decoration instead of a mess. I love this basket I got from Target for my throw pillows. Sometimes I just leave the pillows in the basket because I think it adds to the coziness of the room and makes for good decoration now. They now look like they’re meant to be there.


3. Buy a desk and nightstands with drawers to make them your “junk drawers.” Junk drawers are a great way to hide all the little nicknacks, pens, papers, jewelry, etc. that you don’t want all over the top of your desk or nightstands. Having a bunch of clutter visibly seen on your desk and nightstands, makes your room look messy and makes you seem unorganized. Put all the little nicknacks and non-decoractive things in the drawers to hide away.

I hope this helped everyone. I tried to be as specific as possible. These are the tips that really help me and what keep my room looking decent all the time. Thanks for reading!

Love always,



9 thoughts on “Lazy Girl Guide: Easy Tips to Keeping Your Room Clean and Organized

  1. Great tips! I always fall into the habit of tossing clothes everywhere and its always so much worse when I come home!!! And great idea for the pillow basket. I’ve got a wire basket and don’t know what to use it for, but now it will be filled with pillows 😉 X

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