Leathered Out

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This week has been crazy for me with midterms and papers due. On top of all that, my boyfriend and I got a new mattress in hopes that it would make our bad backs feel better, but it only made it worse because the mattress isn’t broken in yet. No sleep lately. Due to this, I didn’t get a chance to do a full outfit post this week or a home post because times not on my side this week. One more exam today though and then it’s back to normal. So, here’s a quick post I put together for you all with all my favorite leather pieces right now. I want them all! I’m a leather lover.

  1. Leather Boots– these Boohoo booties are so cute and I love the metal around the pointed toe.
  2. Leather Moto Jacket– I love both colors in this jacket. The fur on the collar makes it a little different from your typical moto jacket.
  3. Leather Leggings– these look like they fit perfectly. I’m so mad because I use to have a pair of leather leggings that I got last winter, but I got rid of them when I moved because I hadn’t worn them in a long time, but now I regret getting rid of them because now I have to buy a new pair.
  4. Leather Miniskirt– I love how different this leather skirt is. It is very casual, but can easily be dressed up. I like the buttons down the middle because it reminds me of the brown suede miniskirt I have that I love. See the post with my brown miniskirt here.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Love always,


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