What I Learned the Most From College


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After five and a half years of college, the book work is not what I took away from it the most. Yes, through my exams and projects I did learn things about the subjects I was taking that I didn’t know before, but honestly I’ve already forgotten the majority of that book stuff a year after graduating. I loved the history classes that I took because they really helped me understand why things are the way they are now and how we need to learn from our past mistakes instead of repeating them, but I’ve forgotten the details and dates of all that history I learned. Same goes with every media studies class I took. I remember the overall lesson to be learned, but not the details that aren’t really relevant in my day-to-day life. So, what did I learn the most from college?

What I learned the most from college is time management and dedication. With working part-time, wanting to have a social life and being in school, time management was everything in college. I’ve taken the time management skills I learned in college into my everyday life. It’s something that is just embedded in my brain now. I did learn a lot of my time management skills from being a competitive dancer growing up, but in college you learn to more effectively use it.  Learning to not procrastinate and get all your work and studying done in time so that you can work or hang out with friends will definitely be something you quickly get a grip on. With learning to balance everything out and manage your time efficiently, you realize life is so much easier when you do that all the time. With my full-time job I work now, blogging still, and hanging out with friends, I’m thankful for the time management skills I’ve learned from college.

Another VERY important thing I learned from college is dedication. I know so many people who are doing something completely different from what they went to school for because they still got the job over someone else just because they have a degree. When looking for a job, dedication is huge to a company. Dedication is especially huge to a company that pays a lot and offers a lot of benefits. They need to know that you have the will power and commitment to stick with their company for as long as possible. Having a degree shows that I have dedication to succeed in life. It shows that when I start something, I have the strength and commitment to finish it out. Through college, I learned how important it is to be dedicated to what you’re doing. Whatever it may be, dedication is everything. Even if you don’t get a degree, but put years and effort into what you’re doing, that shows just as much dedication as a degree. When looking for a job or even a serious relationship with someone, showing your dedication is huge.

I know this is probably not what you were expecting to read about when I said I would share what I learned the most from college, but it’s the truth. I know you were probably expecting me to say something social media related, but honestly I could have learned everything “book wise” on my own without college. Yes, of course I wanted to learn more about media studies and journalism, but I mainly got a degree to prove that I could commit and finish out something that is extremely hard to get. I also wanted to get a degree to show that I could do it all while working too. It shows commitment and time management skills, two things that are extremely important in the real world.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask or comment below!

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